We are a company that specialises in supplying language services, born out of the experience of two freelance translators - Lucia Pettinati and Lorenzo Cassani.

Some of the best known clients of international translation agencies that rely on our services are world leaders in sectors including IT, luxury products, agriculture, automobiles, electronics, tourism, furniture, agro-industry, medicine and home and office automation. As these are not direct clients we cannot publish their names, but please feel free to contact us for further information.

Translation to and from main European languages in sectors such as

- luxury/cosmetics
- automobiles
- publishing
- science
- economics
- law
- medicine
- IT


proof reading

layout and graphics for brochures,
manuals, catalogues, Websites
language consultancy and adaptation

An unrefined mind may not appreciate a perfectly executed translation, but achieving perfection is something of a mania for ourselves and our clients. Our experience and enthusiasm mean we search for the perfect solution for every need. Our clients have been able to see for themselves the difference between a translation by a professional and that of a person who merely speaks a foreign language, however well.

Translation is a profession with high levels of specialisation and can’t be improvised. Those who know how to translate know languages. Those who know languages may not know how to translate.

Only native speaking professionals with verified experience translate every single word of each text and the most complex terminology and phraseology is systematically checked through painstaking research and by outside consultants.
Translators receive a checked and revised version of their work to encourage and stimulate professional growth.

This working method means that we can filter every translation according to two unique requirements: dedication and direct responsibility towards our clients.
The results of these methods speak for themselves: a great deal of motivation and complete control of our whole output.

Last but not least,
LL Translations has managed to combine the advantages of translation agencies with those of freelance translators:

handling considerable volumes of work, teamwork, text revision and a wide range of skills

motivation and direct involvement to promote quality


This is a short description of how we work when we translate every text, from receiving an order from a client to delivery of the finished product.

the text
to translate,
evaluating it
and immediately
confirming with
the client
the document
to a translator
to their area
of expertise
terminology and
/ phraseology
and referring
any questions
to the client